Swimming and rowing

For many guests, water is the key "element" that makes summer Bohinj so attractive to them. Lake Bohinj, the largest permanent and deepest natural lake in Slovenia (length approximately 4100 m, width 1200 m, maximum depth 45 m, almost 100 million m3 of water), is very clean. In summer, the surface warms up to only 22 °C (71 F), which means the water is "fresh" even on the hottest days. In Bohinj, we swim and leisure in natural bathing areas, such as the grassy Fužinarski zaliv (Fužinar Bay) – this is the most popular lake beach – Naklova glava (Naklo’s Head) and Ukanc with a grassy and pebble beach at the mouth of the Savica waterfall. You can also find your own mini beach in the vicinity of the lake, you just have to be an early bird. Marija Škantar Apartments are a 5-minute walk from the lake, while from Gorenc Apartments, you have to walk or cycle 7 km to get to the lake – or simply use public transport, which is free in summer.

There are many "wild" pebble beaches along the banks of the Sava Bohinjka, stretching from Ribčev Laz to Bohinjska Bistrica. Swimming in the river is especially enjoyable on the hottest days, when for many even the lake is too warm. Children are especially excited by the rapids and stream pools where they can swim, but don't let them out of your sight. Grassy areas for leisuring are also available in the Danica campsite and its immediate vicinity which you can reach with an about 10 minutes walk from Gorenc Apartments.

But what if Bohinj's natural waters are too cold for you even in the summer? Don’t worry, there are other options. Only 400 meters from Gorenc Apartments is the Bohinj Water Park, which is open all year round and offers more than 500 m2 of water surface. It has everything you need for complete relaxation – hot water in the large pool (31 °C/88 F), children's pool, slides, jacuzzi, sauna, wellness, salt room and a restaurant.

If you like rowing or just rocking on the water, you can rent a boat or a canoe and sail on the lake. The Sava Bohinjka River, with its rapids, is a little more daring, so we recommend that you hire one of the instructors who also offer a kayak school and guided tours.