Arrival times are after 2 p.m., except if otherwise agreed with the accommodation provider in advance.
Guest check-in shall be done on the basis of an identity document by the accommodation provider.
Only registered guests can stay in the apartment. In case of visits you have to inform the owner.
Before occupying a room or an apartment, the guest and the accommodation provider shall check all the equipment that is included in the list of equipment.



Departure times are before 10 a.m., except if otherwise agreed with the accommodation provider.
In case of an accommodation that is shorter than the one that has been booked earlier, daily prices shall be charged according to the valid price list.
On departure, the guest and the owner shall check if the room/apartment and all equipment are in accordance with the check that was done before occupying the room/apartment.
Guests are obliged to repair or financially cover any damage that was caused during their stay to the furniture, floor, windows, doors, equipment or the facility and its surroundings (e.g. garden, hall etc.) prior to their departure.
Payments for all services regarding accommodation and damage compensation are to be made to the accommodation provider.
Guests shall give notice of any premature departure at least one day prior to departure until 10 a.m.; if this is not the case, an additional day shall be charged according to the valid price list.
On departure, guests shall check all areas for any forgotten items.
Guests are not allowed to leave any food, trash and rubbish in the apartments, and they shall turn off the refrigerator, clean the dishes and put them away in the cupboards.




During your absence, the door of the apartment should be locked, windows closed, lighting and all electrical appliances (TV, stove) off and water turned off.
To turn on the heating, check that the radiators are open. When using the air conditioner, the windows and doors must be closed. Please do not use hot water unnecessarily and do not throw away towels after the first use.
Smoking is forbidden in apartments.
Pets are allowed if the owner agrees.
The tap water is drinkable.
Please separate the waste.
The owner does not take any responsibility for  money, jewelry, securities and other objects held by guests in the apartment and cars. Parking in front of the apartment is at your own risk.
The owner of the facility has the right to enter the apartment in the absence of a guest, in special circumstances, in order to prevent possible damage or danger.
Please do not disturb the peace and quiet, and follow all the rules, especially at night (from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) and during the afternoon rest (from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.).
If the house rules are not obeyed, the owner has the right to cancel the guest's stay in the apartment, without refunding the rental costs.
In case of unsuitable equipment that does not belong into the room or apartment, the guest should agree with the owner about the method and costs of storage.

We wish you a pleasant stay. May all your wishes and plans, that brought you to Bohinj, come true. Please feel free to contact us at any time for additional questions and information.