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… and in the land of the prettiest alpine flowers. ALPINE FLOWER is the name of our six apartments, four of which are located at the Gorenc Home in Bohinjska Bistrica while two of them are located at Škantar's in Ribčev Laz right next to Lake Bohinj. The distance between the houses is approximately 6 kilometers.

We have a long tradition of renting our rooms to domestic and foreign guests who want to spent their holiday or at least a weekend in Bohinj, and that tradition is passed down from generation to generation, and they have all shared their love of nature, active relaxation in the mountains or in the water, friendly socializing and delicious food. But as Bohinj is becoming an increasingly popular destination every year, taking care of our guests has become more demanding and especially stressful for our parents in the main season. That’s why the younger generation stepped in more actively, and together, we believe the combination of experience and fresh energy will make our guests feel nice and comfortable and eager to return.


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Our guests appreciate domesticity
Very friendly hosts. Beautiful location, view of Triglav and Črna prst from the balcony. It offers complete comfort and peace. We feel at home and love to come back.
Valerija and Miran, Slovenia
Great location of the Alpine Flower Apartments – Marija Škantar Apartments – with views of the surrounding hills and the lake in the immediate vicinity provides an excellent starting point for activities in nature and the surrounding area. Apartments are close to the centre, shops and public transport, they are nicely decorated and clean. Very friendly staff are happy to advise on exploring the surroundings.
Mojca and Luka, Slovenia
I have been visiting Bohinj every year for more than 25 years. Bohinj is beautiful in all seasons, but it is most beautiful before the first rain in August, when the lake is still warm. For the last 10 years I have been coming with my family to Gorenc Apartments. They have a great place for a picnic in the garden, they treat us with great food and drink, and above all, they are great people.
Gregor, Austria
Bohinj is a gem we grew so fond of that we visit it with our family at least once a year. It is beautiful in all seasons, and we love different water bodies in the surroundings. As we are regular guests in Gorenc Apartments, they allow us to use their private pool, so in the morning we usually swim in the pool, before lunch we jump into Sava Bohinjka River, and in the afternoon it's time for Lake Bohinj and its hidden places which we like to discover by canoe. I give accommodation in Gorenc Apartments five stars, not only because of the impeccable rooms but also because of the kindness and hospitality of the Gorenc family.
Nina, Slovenia
The place is perfecly comfortable! The room is spacious, the bathroom is big, there's everething you need (and more). All the equipement is new and nice. It's really close to the centre of Bistrica, to the hiking trails and to the bus stops. Lidia is a great host: she picked us up from the train station, she welcomed us with beverages, she was very helpful with getting around and planning our hiking trips. She was easy to contact and she provided us with many useful infromation about the region, public transport and hiking trails. We had a great time!
Karolina, Poland (


Alpine Flower Apartments


Gorenc Apartments and Marija Škantar Apartments in Bohinj


Family stories
Our story

Today, we are less reserved and are happy to invite guests to a party – for many visitors in a foreign country there is no better experience than joining the locals and their hosts at a loaded table at a home party, picnic or even a traditional wedding celebration.

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A big house with enough space for family and friends – this is the dream of many people who are crammed with their family in a small condo. My dream came true, but when my wife Silva and I moved into the house, we were left alone. But, as we both love company and have many friends, we decided to arrange apartments in our new house.

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I work when others are on vacation

Then, the time came for my parents to bow out of the business, and since the situation in book publishing was getting worse by each year, I decided to return to my first love – tourism.

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