I simply love people

A big house with enough space for family and friends – this is the dream of many people who are crammed with their family in a small condo. My dream came true, but when my wife Silva and I moved into the house, we were left alone. But, as we both love company and have many friends, we decided to arrange apartments in our new house. Thus, friends and acquaintances from all over Slovenia, who share our love of nature and passion for fishing, can spend the night here when they visit Bohinj. They were the first guests in Gorenc Apartments, and through all these years our house has become their second home, and we their family. I simply love people!

"But what about our future?" we’d been asking ourselves. "We are not getting any younger." In 2019, we finally got the answer: our daughter Lidija, our son-in-law Jaroslav and almost grown-up grandchildren Jure and Jan put their heads together, considered what they would want for a perfect vacation themselves, and then started renovating three apartments. Pleasant ambience (daughter), favorable quality-price ratio (son-in-law), good wireless internet and large beds for children as well (grandsons) - these were their main guidelines. Fortunately, the beautiful view of the Julian Alps and the peaceful surroundings were already there. So that summer, the next generation started welcoming guests on their own for the first time, and my wife and I were left with the pleasant task of pampering our guests with good home-made drinks and food and contribute an advice or two if needed.

Guests feel great in our home in Bohinjska Bistrica and appreciate our work. We’ve received very good guests reviews from the beginning, and a lot of incentives for our future work. Our guests highly appreciate the fact that we can advise them first hand, where to ride a bike, where the most beautiful mountain trails are, where to go fishing, skiing or cross-country skiing, rowing or horseback riding, where to swim or spend some leisure time ... And we can do that because we are an "active family".